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About Us

Who are we?

Zivi Cook is a leading cookware brand committed to serving the needs of cooking lovers across America by providing superior quality, safe, easy-to-use, and time-saving products with stylish designs that take the pride of place in their kitchens.


Whether you are a practiced, seasoned chef or a beginner cook, Zivi Cook’s has got you covered. We offer a wide range of pots and pans with different sizes, shapes, and functions.


Our Story

The company has a very humble beginning. Realizing that five the-layered stainless steel is too expensive, Zivi Cook was founded to solve this problem and ensure that five-layered stainless steel cookware is affordable for all. The company set up its own factory that enabled it to offer high-quality, five-layered stainless steel cookware at highly affordable rates.


What do we stand for?

The mission of Zivi Cook is to create wonderful cooking experiences for all. We are driven by the passion, to make cooking healthier, more innovative, easier, quicker, more efficient, and more pleasurable. We aim to help our customers channel their inner chefs and achieve great success in their cooking ventures and experiments.


How can our products enhance your experience?

Decorate your kitchen

Our thoughtfully-designed products have beautiful, eye-catching styles that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and will make it look unique. Our cookware will add sophistication, beauty, and class to your kitchen.


Cook effortlessly

You would surely love to use our products every day because they have a user-friendly, ergonomic design. Your hands will not get tired because our products are super lightweight. Moreover, their remarkable features like “scratch-resistant” and “non-stick” will make your job a lot easier.


Be choosy

We offer multiple variants and a wide range of color options in our products. You can easily find the  perfect cookware that can complement and coordinate with your kitchen's existing features and style. You get the freedom to bring your creativity into play and customize your experience.


What Do We Value?

Our core values include:


Our top priority is to provide products made with high-quality, pure, strong, and durable materials. We never use harmful materials or toxic chemicals in manufacturing our products.


Value creation

We offer our customers the perfect value for money by providing high-quality cookware sets at highly affordable rates. 



From ensuring perfect dimensions to making excellent handles, we pay attention to all the details of our products and encourage professional craftsmanship.



We try our level best to contribute positively to the environment.


Ethical manufacturing

We only partner with BSCI and SEMTA certified manufacturing companies that provide a respectful and safe work environment to their employees.



We strive to maintain the highest possible quality standards and provide superior-performing products to our customers.


It is not a complete list of all the values we adhere to; apart from these core values, and we follow several other values that shape the culture at Zivi Cook.


Explore Our Products NOW!

So, are you ready to start a new cooking journey? Of course, you are. Check out our product collection and find your following favorite pots and pans!


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